Ghasolino Fine-Art Print

Ghasolino Fine-Art Print

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Car culture is something everyone of us has had at least remote touching points throughout their lifetime. Be it by popular movies, movies or simply by experiencing car enthusiasm in our everyday life via friends or just walking through the streets.

The car culture in Ghana however is most likely a topic which is unknown to most of us. When it comes to the customization of cars Ghana can provide a thriving car culture which often gives afterlife to vehicles which- in some areas- would be frowned upon as scrap boxes. Nevertheless, their religious, passionate and creative approach which make their daily drivers a beautiful expression of their personalities is something which demands further recognition.

Early 2022 greenkawasaki documented some of his observations with his analog camera during his trip in Ghana. In collaboration with VSOP Entertainment these experiences/images were compiled in form of fine-art prints.

  • Fine-Art Print
  • Shipping on request: 2-3 weeks
  • TECCO PM230
  • 230 g/qm
  • ISO-Skala Inkjetdruck
  • 400 x 600 mm